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Infinite Magicka: Skyrim

September 19th, 2013 by Sean Eastman

To get infinite magicka in Skyrim, you first have to master the Enchanting skill. Once done, find equipment in shops that fortify a school of magic's spell cost. Destroy the item at an enchanting table. Purchase 4 Grand Soul Gems filled with a Grand Soul. Enchant a helmet, armor, ring and necklace with the fortify (whatever school of magic you choose) enchantment. Having 4 items that decrease spell cost by 25% means that spells from that school of magic cost you NOTHING to cast. You can cast them infinitely. That means you don't have to put any points into magicka upon leveling up. It can be concentrated to health or stamina.

Doing this with Restoration can allow you to max out three other skills every easily. Purchase Fast Healing from a spell seller and put on your favorite armor. Run out to a giant camp and just let them hit you. Since you can heal infinitely, you will never die. In no time, your armor skill will max out. So that takes care of Light Armor, Heavy Armor and Restoration. You can also master Block very easily doing the same thing. Just block a Giant's attacks and spam healing spells.

Having a 100 Enchanting skill means you can put two enchantments on one item (provided you took the two effect perk in the enchanting perk tree). That means you can effectively reduce two schools of magic to absolutely no cost whatsoever. It's like having unlimited magicka. Couple Destruction and Restoration, and you will never die, so long as you're competent.