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Free-Build Invasion Frustration: Stronghold 3

September 19th, 2013 by Sean Eastman

Launching invasions in the free-build panel of stronghold 3 on maps that I created gave me a lot of confusion. I would build a map for free build, and then try to launch an invasion from that free build panel, but the invasion would never happen.

I messed around with it for a little while. If you are having this problem, here is what you have to do:

While building your map, look in the "Markers" panel. Set a #1 marker of any color in the place that you would like the invasion to start from. (To place a marker, select the number and click the "add marker" button. This enables the marker to be placed. Place your mouse over the spot on your map that you want to put the marker, then hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and Left Click your mouse to place the marker.) Once you do this, save the map and try to play it. When you launch an invasion, it will work. The invaders will spawn at the marker you added.

To expand on this: If you add #1 markers of every color, the enemy will spawn at random at one of the markers you placed, adding more variety to points of invasion.

Say you add a blue #1 marker to your map. What happens if you add a blue #2 marker as well? The troops will invade from the blue #1 marker and travel to the blue #2 marker before attacking. So, put simply, the #1 marker is the point of invasion, and the #2 marker is the spot that the invaders will run to before launching the attack.

Adding markers beyond #2 does nothing for free build panel invasions as far as I have tested. Adding #1, #2 and #3 markers of the same color to the map does not change the description I gave above. Troops still invade from #1 and they still travel to #2. They take no heed of #3.

Thanks for reading!