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Training Exploit/Cheat: Skyrim

September 19th, 2013 by Sean Eastman

A while back, I discovered a very useful training exploit. I was tired of wandering Skyrim looking for enemies to practice my destruction on, so I went to a trainer. To my dismay, it would cost me 1,640 gold per training session (my destruction skill was in the 50's, and the cost would only go up as the levels increased). This was outrageous to me, and it was apparent that doing it this way would no doubt take longer than running around looking for things to shoot fireballs at. But then I got to thinking "Maybe I can pay this poor sod to teach me, then turn around and pickpocket the gold right back." So I tried that, and it turns out, pickpocketing 1,640 gold had a 0% success rate. My pickpocket skill was only 15.

So I decided to invest some time into pick pocketing, and I must say, pickpocket has to be the easiest skill to increase. After a couple hours, my pickpocket skill was 85, and I took most of the perks along the way. Carrying capacity increase of 100 was a nice plus in the pick pocket perk tree. Anyway, I returned to the trainer, paid for training, and tried to pickpocket my gold back. Now it had a 50% success rate. So I saved and pickpocketed. Success! Not to mention my pickpocket skill raised another 2 points for every theft of the gold. If I ever failed, I just loaded the save prior to the pickpocket and tried again. It worked like a charm.