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How to Kill Cazadores: Fallout NV

September 19th, 2013 by Sean Eastman

This small article will teach you how to kill cazadores in general, and give you a specific strategy for killing them at the beginning of the game, no matter what your level is.

Cazadores are very difficult enemies to kill if you don't know how to handle them. They are fast, deal great damage and poison you with their stings. You find quite a few of them North of Goodsprings. Their purpose is to attempt to block off easy passage to New Vegas right off the bat. However, I can tell you how to kill cazadores at the beginning of the game, about 15 minutes after walking out of Doc Mitchell's house.

Before leaving Doc Mitchell's house after starting a new game, check the area to the left of his front door. On a crate, there is a broken 9mm Sub Machine gun. If your repair skill is 25 or greater (I always pick repair as a tag skill, so it is for me), you can repair this gun and take it for yourself. You'll need this gun to stand any chance against the Cazadores. After leaving the Doc's house, go to the general store in town and buy up all the 9mm ammo that you can. Once you have your 9mm ammo, talk to Sunny Smiles and do all or part of her quest that is supposed to be a tutorial. The reason for doing this is to get the Varmint Rifle with about 100 rounds as well.

Once you've got your equipment set up, head off to the hills where the Cazadores are. Go slowly and try to lure them out one at a time. If there there is more than one coming at you, you will most likely die, even with this technique. Once the cazadore gets about 10 feet from you, go into VATS and target their left or right wing. Pump as many shells as you can into it using the 9mm Sub-machine gun. It usually takes three clicks in VATS to cripple the wings. Once their wings are crippled, they are significantly slower and very easy to get away from, allowing you to backpedal while shooting them in the face with the Varmint Rifle. Repeat this process for any Cazadore that you see, and refill your ammo as necessary. You can use the wait function to wait 3 or 4 days for the shop in GoodSprings to replenish stock. The Poison Glands from the Cazadores should be more than enough to cover your ammo expenses. Not to mention that they give 50 EXP per kill.

Happy Hunting.