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From the Frohg Blohg's Gaming Tips

Illegal Access to Brotherhood Bunker: Fallout NV

From the Frohg Blohg's Gaming Tips

Free Build Invasion Frustration: Stronghold 3

From the Frohg Blohg's Gaming Tips

Easy Gold With Alchemy: Skyrim

Frohg - Logic is the Answer

Welcome to the Frohg Blohg!

Joseph (Novel)

This is a novel that I'm working on. A small child develops a rare brain condition that causes him to say intelligently constructed, insanely offensive things to people who trigger the response.

Gaming Tips

In this blog I give tips and semi-walkthroughs of some of the games that I play. Click on the game icons below to view a list of posts for that game.

Fallout: New Vegas
Stronghold 3