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Illegal Access to Brotherhood Bunker: Fallout NV

From the Frohg Blohg's Gaming Tips

Free Build Invasion Frustration: Stronghold 3

From the Frohg Blohg's Gaming Tips

Easy Gold With Alchemy: Skyrim

Frohg - Logic is the Answer

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What is FROHG.COM?

FROHG.com is my creative outlet; I put everything that I am into this project. I compose music, write stories and articles, give tips and tricks on video games, create video games, do 3D modeling, animation and more. This site is a shining example of my ability to create websites, write PHP, create and edit graphics and put it all together.

Ever since I was a child, I've wanted to create video games. And now, with years of coding experience, 3D experience, rigging, animation--you name it, under my belt, I can finally pursue that desire. And, having been a musician for about 9 years now, I can compose all of my own music for whatever I want, whether it be a video game, or just albums unrelated to anything. Check out Frohg Tunes to hear my music. Take a look at Games in Development to see the progress I'm making with my first video game. You can find all of my writing in the Frohg Blohg.

In the side-bar, you can see a list of the posts I've recently written for this site.

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